The Amazing Weathermen

It boggles the mind how often the weather guy if wrong.  Just an educated guess, but they always hover around mediocrity.  If they can’t get it right, why don’t they just admit it.  Reminds me of the fashionable predictions about global warming.  These people have no real idea whether or not there have been any significant changes that are directly attributable to man. 

Kinda like the theory of evolution.   How many have hung onto that like a bunch of mindless doofs.  I remember reading in my science books when I was little and looking at pictures with captions below them saying things like, “200 million years ago…”  I always thought, “How do they know?”  They weren’t there.  And no matter how many tests they come up with, the scientists seem to have no credible way of dating anything.  Perhaps they will get there one day, but it seems to me like we have the cart before the horse.  We assume the earth is millions of years old and then set out to prove our theory, instead of looking at the facts and building on the knowledge we definitely have.

Anyway, this world is nuts.  I can’t fathom how people get trapped in their ideaology.  Yeah, I have one, but it changes.  You look at the facts and make judgements.  If somebody disagrees, so be it.   Peer pressure definitely seems to have a bearing on it.  Not alot of people take unpopular stands wherever they are.  Why is that? 

I have a son in college and he has his own views, which are contrary to some of his professors, and their response is often belittlement.  Don’t they have enough knowledge in their head to answer the questions of a young student?  It seems that there is a stronghold of elite thinking that envelopes alot of professors.  They get some young student to believe their stuff and they become weathermen I guess.


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